A dream is to come true only when you have the passion to live your dreams! Simplify your plans and do it!

This is my message to you, because I normally complicate things until I see that I have spend an enormous amount of time to achieve my goals. I have completely revamped my website from reducing 400 pages into five. I think that would do in terms of simplifying things!

Red Sand Safaris is my passion and through this, I offer you nothing more than a service to get closer to our partners in Namibia and also now, partners around the globe. I started this as a project to promote what my main business is about, which is Taxidermy consultation.

I work closely together with First Class Trophy Taxidermy where we offer hunters around the world professional work and a system that involves more then just taxidermy. We organise the complete process from the day you leave your outfitter until it is delivered at your doorstep in Europe. We certainly do work for anyone around the world where we deliver the trophies to an incoming agent at your closest custom clearance terminal.

I enjoy consulting anyone through Red Sand Safaris just because I can! I know each outfitter personally and will consult you for your next hunt as a neutral person and hunter.

Cattlefarm in Namibia
Central Namibia on our cattlefarm. Free roaming species: Kudu, Oryx, Steenbuck, Leopard, Cheetah, Caracal, Red Hartebeest, Brown Hyena, Black-backed Jackall and plenty more…

The service will continue and your dream will become a reality. Never stop your passion! Keep on Hunting, because hunting is not just hunting, it is a living and has a strong backbone to support it!