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Congo Hunting Safaris owned and operated by Tielman Neethling, Edgar Opani and PH Andre. This hunting concession in the North Eastern area of the French Congo borders Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Brazzaville is located in the Republic of the Congo, is an independent country from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Congo hunting

Tielman Neethling owner of Agagia Hunting, Namibia loves hunting and hunted a couple of places in Africa. His summary after hunting in the Congo twice: “This was my most enjoyable, hardest hunt, which were fantastic!” He was stunned and so impress that he decided to partner with Edgar Opani who on his turn is born and raised in the Congo, with businesses owned by him.

Congo huntingAndre your PH and operator of the whole camp hunted South Africa and Mozambique for over 15 years and hunt the Congo now for 3 years.

Together we all strive for hunting and service excellence!



The trophy hunting season stretches from 1st of May to 31st of October.

We highly recommend using the Hunt Camp Fire arms: 416, 375 and a shotgun. If you would like to bring your own rifle, please ensure that you supply us with your rifle information 2 months ahead of your hunt in order for us to make necessary arrangements for the temporary import into the country.

Bow hunting, you are welcome to bring and travel with your own bow.

Trophy Shipments:
After completion of your hunt your trophies will be dried, packed and exported by Airfreight to the address you supplied us. This whole process will take between 6-10 months.

How to get to the Congo-Brazzaville-Hunt camp, * Fly directly into Congo, Brazzaville, Maya-Maya Airport. From France, Paris: Air France. From RSA, Johannesburg: Inter Air, Kenya Air, SAL. * Our representative will meet you at the airport for assistance and transportation to a hotel, for one night. Hotel cost is +/- 150U$ per night. * Next morning you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for a connecting flight to Ouesso, North of the Congo. There is only one flight between Ouesso and Brazzaville per week. These flights cannot be booked on-line. Our representative will assist you with booking of flights.
When flight is not available in unforeseen circumstances transportation to Ouesso will be available.
* Your PH will pick you up from the airport at Ouesso. After a 2-hour drive you will reach the Hunt Camp.

Entry Requirements
You are requested to apply for a Visa before arriving in Brazzaville.
An invitation letter will be sent to you after we received the following information:
* A reasonable resolution scanned copy of the hunter's passport
* Rifle details - make, serial number (of each barrel in the case of Blazers) and calibre.
Periodically the government asks for a second letter of invitation for use at the airport, which we also will supply.

Camp facilities
Lodging consists of brick and wood structures.
Chalets - fitted each with en-suite bathroom.
Electricity and a satellite phone are available when necessary.

Congo is a high-risk malaria area. Please advice your personal physician on necessary precautions, insect repellents and yellow fewer and other shots to be taken.
A range of international brand name medicine is stocked in camp and on the hunting vehicles, but it is advised that you bring along the types of medication that you regularly take, or may require.
Medical facilities, Pokola Medical Clinic is just under 40miles and 1hr 15min drive from the Hunt camp. Andre your professional hunter is qualified in First Aid.

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