Niel Bekker was born in South Africa, he grew up to be a very skillful hunter and tracker of African game. He has over a decade of hunting and guiding experience with rifles and bow and arrows. Being an avid bow hunter and rifleman himself you can rest assured that all the necessary preparations have been made to write your hunting story. Having hunted countless African animals with a bow and fulfilling his dreams of running a safari company, he is now dedicated to fulfilling your African dream. 

The name Red Sand comes from the red soil we have on the property and it is not uncommon to have red-colored shoes after a day of hunting. The concession is a beautiful piece of African bush with a rocky mountain on our northern side and more open bushveld to our southern border, with big trees scattered all around you. Animal tracks pave the road and you never know what might be around the next corner.


Red Sand Safaris is owned by Outfitter and Professional hunter Niel Bekker and is operated by the Bekker Family. Niel’s family has been farming in the African bushveld for more than 100 years and conservation through utilizing resources has always been important to them. The Hunting concession is owned by Tian Bekker, Niel’s father who is a cattle farmer.

Cattle have always been the main source of income for the Bekker family, but with their immeasurable passion for hunting and such a wide range of game animals it was only a matter of time before they turned to hunt and what we now know as Red Sand Safaris came to be.

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